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Visit on foot, distance from the hotel : ca. 2 km

Delightful medieval village, today one of the most appreciated touristic places of Lake Iseo Its position, on the southest end of the lake, offers   to the visitor a nice view of the lake shore as well as a one of the river Oglio. To be visited is the Main Church of 1777, model of the Baroque art, and the church of St. Paul, built in ‘400. Sarnico also offers pleasant examples of architecture, as the villas of the Faccanoni family, Villa Passeri, the Mausoleum Faccanoni and the nursery school which represent some of the most important models of the Lombard Liberty Style . Sarnico hosts, not far from the Cocca Hotel, the historical and very important shipyard Riva, famous all over the world for manufacturing some of the most beautiful motorboats. Sarnico is also an important food and wine crossroad : Valcalepio and Franciacorta offer a very nice scenery featuring the union between vineyards and lake, where you can visit some of the most famous wineries of the region.


Visit on foot, distance from the hotel : ca. 2 km

Predore is a small village of Roman origins just near Valcalepio on the right shore of Lake Iseo. Coming from Sarnico, after Cocca Hotel, you will find the little church of San Giorgio, where recent restoration work brought out the architectural features of the Middle Age of this small building. Further on after about 1 km you reach the village centre, situated on an slope between lake and hill. In the large place stands the city hall with the historical fountain and the arcipresbiteriale Church Plebana of San Giovanni Battista and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. At last, of considerable cultural interest is the Roman Spa, recently discovered, and become a Museum ( for reservations and informations please contact the municipality of Predore tel 035/938032).


Visit on foot, distance: 22 km both from the hotel and from the Zone Pyramids

Lovere is a small village on the Iseo Lake, which is known as one of the most beautiful Borghi in Italy. The historical centre is the right place for walking and discovering some parts of the Medieval city such as: The Alghisi tower, the Soca Tower, the Torricella and the Civic Tower in Vittorio Emanuele Square. There are also some nice place for swimming, just after the small touristic harbor. There are some elegant palaces such as: Gregorini Palace, Marinoni Palace, Milese Villa and Tadini Palace where hundreds of paintings are exposed ( It’s opened from Tuesday to Saturday from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. and on Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. ).


Visit on foot, distance from the hotel: 13 km 

It’s a nature reserve, located in the southern part of Iseo Lake. It includes:

The access does not require guides for small groups ( max 6 person ). For big groups, it is necessary booking a guide ( tel. 030 9823141, e-mail: ). A ticket is requested for visitors who don’t book a guide or don’t live in Iseo, Porvaglio d’Iseo and Corte Franca. The access is located in front of the Iseo sport center and in Timoline, very close to the Corte Franca village.


Visit on foot, distance from the hotel: 35 km

Once through the main gate in the walls, dedicated to Sant’Agostino, the city on the hill is the same as it was four centuries ago. Piazza Vecchia is really characteristic with its fountains and the panoramic visit from the Campanone. Bergamo city is represented by the small borghi or districts, located along the main roads between up and down town. The main are: Borgo Pignolo, Borgo Palazzo and Borgo Sant’Aessandro, with their fantastic art museums such as: : the “Bernareggi” Museum of Sacred Art and the famous Pinacoteca Carrara ( today its paintings are exposed in Palazzo della Regione ), an art gallery situated near to the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (GAMEC).

The most significant places in the modern town are the Sentierone, where locals take their traditional passeggiata, and the Torre dei Caduti (Memorial Tower). The Sentierone is overlooked by the Donizetti Theatre and its romantic monument dedicated to the maestro, and the church of San Bartolomeo, with its large altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto “Madonna with Child on a throne and Saints”.


Cellars visit

The Franciacorta Wine Route extends for 80 km. Its aims is to promote and develop the wine and gastronomy tourism in this area, known all over the world for its fantastic wine. Franciacorta includes 19 villages, the most important are: Brescia, Corte Franca, Erbusco, Iseo, , Ome, Provaglio d’Iseo and Rovato. A wine tour of Franciacorta is not just about the discovery of wine. Each cellar tells the history of the families of Franciacorta who with tenacity and determination protect the tradition of wine production.

The web site includes a rich list of typical cellars. The cellars are happy to welcome visitors but only with the reservation.


Visit on foot, distance from the hotel: 35 km

In the city there is one of the biggest museums in Italy: Santa Giulia ( It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. , closed on Monday. ) with 12.000 square meters of expositional area and part of the Unesco World Heritage. The monastery was founded by the Longobard king Desiderio and his wife Ansa in 753 a.C. Some rests of ancient roman domus have been found underneath the San Salvatore Church. On the top of the hill, there is a castle, one of the well preserved in the Northern part of Italy. There is a monumental access, created in the 6th century and decorated with the San Marco Lion, symbol of the Venice Republic domination.


Visit on foot, distance from the hotel: 32 km

They are one of the most curious phenomenon in Valle Camonica. They are located in the Zone village, 600 meters above the sea level. They are 30 meters high and they are created by the continuous water erosion process. The access is free of charge and there is a simply tour. If you would like to book a guide, you can call Comunità Montana del Sebino Bresciano ( Rome road, 41 – Sale Marasino, tel. 030 9867037 ). For further information, contact the Zone Village ( Monte Guglielmo Road, 42 tel. 030 9870913 ).

To reach the pyramids, go along the street between Sulzano and Pisogne and take the fork for Zone, go along the street for 6,5 km.


Visit on foot, by bike and ferry

It’s the pearl of the lake, known as one of the most beautiful borghi in Italy. It is the perfect location where being in nature and discovering ancient traditions. It is 9 km long and the tour can be done by bike or on foot . There are some nice beaches. Other characteristic places are: Ceriola Church: the most panoramic point of the island, Martinengo Church, the Medieval Novale Borgo where you can see the typical tradition and the Reti Museum ( timetables: July -> Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: from 9.00 am to 12.00 am, on Bank holidays: from 10.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.; August -> daily from 10.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. ).

The island can be reached with ferry from different ports: Sarnico, Iseo, Predore, Sulzano…


Visit on foot, distance from the hotel: 45 km

Crespi is the name of the family of cotton manufacturers from Lombardy who realized an “ideal workers’ village” . The  Crespi Workers’ Village is an entire town built by the owner of the factory for his workers and their families. The workers were provided with homes, gardens, vegetable gardens and all necessary local services. Only those who worked in the factory could live in the Village, and the life of everybody was connected to the factory, its rhythms and its demands.

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